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Who is Go Modern?

Go Modern was born of the needs unique to top-level creative firms and advertising agencies. Its very existence speaks to enabling the flights of fancy that mark the top creative firms around the country.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Advisors Excel — one of the fastest-growing financial marketing organizations in history — Go Modern embodies true partnership. Whether you are putting on an event, creating a direct marketing campaign, building a brand identity or developing a one-of-a-kind award, Go Modern can tap into your creative concept and help you produce the final piece.

Meet the team

Steve Holmes
production manager
Adam Cook
Print Lead
Jeanine Montoya
Assembly Lead
Charlene McCready
Bindery Lead
Lisa Zerbe
Customer service manager
Kathy Beck
Director of Marketing
Lauren Henry
Production print operator
Candance Durant
duplication/assembly operator
Nathan Schmidt
bindery/Assembly Operator
Karen Kaberline
Assembly Operator
Brandy Wathke
Customer Service Rep
Cassie Carlson
customer service rep
Christi Nowak
customer service rep
Darin Schroeder
customer service rep
Dean Norton
Production Specialist / R&D Manager
Kendra Johnston
Client Service Specialist
Tanner Allen
Shipping and Fulfillment Lead